OurLocal.Town work closely with BIDs, Shopping centres, Markets, Town Centres and Business groupings. We fully appreciate that there is not a single digital solution and it is important to be mindful of cost, existing infrastructure, investment and requirements. It is not about reinventing the wheel but improving existing.

We have a suite of products that can be bought individually or as one package allowing groupings to 

  • Provide websites for all their members 
  • Communicate Business to Business
  • Communicate Business to Consumer
  • Provide Directories and Events Calendars
  • And more.

As the Mary Portas’s paper said -

‘Our High Streets Still Matter’            

  • Imagine your High Street in 20 years from now and build on that goal. 
  • Embrace the web and help your retailers make money online.
  • Try Community Hubs.
  • Don’t worry about Out Of Town competition - take them on!
  • Implement web based resources.
  • Use a website, app and market to galvanise businesses and provide income to support the Town Team and management of the town centres.
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Mark Brodermann

Commercial Director

 cell 07796 950624

office 020 8133 8654



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Duncan Ward

Chief Information Officer

UK 020 3239 4607

USA (858) 261 4822


Boston Summer 09 99

Andrea Sharp

Finance and Procurement Manager

UK 020 3239 4607

USA (858) 261 4822


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